Nov. 22, 2021

This Month In Texas History - November

This Month In Texas History - November
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In this episode we investigate some interesting and significant events in Texas that have occurred in the month of November over the centuries, including the landing of the Narvaez expedition survivors off the coast of Texas, the Neutral Ground agreement, the curious life of the Baron de Bastrop, the curious and inquisitive creator Gail Borden, the birth of the Texas Rangers, the Grass Fight of the Texas Revolution, the failed attempt to take much of New Mexico, the outlaw Belle Starr, and more.

The songs played at the end of the episode are a new one from THL spotlight artist Rosmand, All We Got, and then one from new THL spotlight artist Zach Welch, Enough, from the 2021 album Punchy Shirts & Broken Hearts, produced by 301Productions.

Also-be sure to listen to Zach Welch's new song Ada! andSeth Jones new release As It Changes!

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