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A Lesson in Life

It’s takes a special person to reveal the reality of our past in such a manner that the truth, the real truth is brought to the forefront. This podcast satisfies our need to understand where we come from and why we are who we are now.

Texas History Lessons

What an informative and interesting podcast ~ TWO THUMBS UP!

The best show!

Love listening about the history from my home state in such a digestible fashion, and also love the Texas music to go with it!


It is refreshing to hear about Texas History that is not whitewashed, and doesn’t exclude the people and events that truly encompass real history. I cannot wait to hear his take on Spanish History and beyond. I also love the bonus episodes.

Well Worth It !

I discovered this podcast 2 days ago and the way Michael presents the stories is terrific, not to mention the music in the background. I used to live in Southeast Texas from the mid-1970’s to the late 1980’s where my elementary and junior high schools where we learned about the history of Texas for several weeks. Although I live in Louisiana now, I still call Texas as “my home”. This brings me back to it. I look forward to hearing more episodes down the road.

A passionate look at Texas history.

Great show. Michael Sparkman does an incredible job of exploring the cracks and crevices of Texas history that have so enriched who we are. On top of that, Michael is a superb musicologist on just about every artist who has a tie to Texas. He is an independent historian and producer who does this because of personal passion and you won’t be disappointed.

A Must-Listen for History Buffs!

This podcast is absolutely incredible. The host is passionate and knowledgeable which makes every episode an engaging listen. Please do yourself a favor and subscribe to this podcast!

Excellent Podcast

The information is very interesting and easy to listen to. Love Mike’s style of storytelling!! Keep it going Sir! Walter - Houston, Tx

Love this podcast!

This is a must-listen, educational podcast. I love how down to earth Michael is and presents facts and unbiased information. The background music is great too!

Love this podcast!

Michael does a great job of unpacking various subjects of Texas history. As casual as he sounds when delivering his episodes, you can tell he’s done his homework! And he’s so responsive when you send him a question or comment. Can’t say enough good things about this podcast!