Texas History Lessons is a podcast made in Texas for anyone interested in history. The goal is to share stories of real Texas history, an inclusive look into the past that shares the good, the bad, and the ugly. Everything is up for grabs. The main thread is a group of lessons that surveys the history of Texas from the first arrival of the First Peoples to arrive to the present. There will be extra homework episodes that focus on Texas music, literature, movies, food, art, culture, the land, and people. Plus much more. From conquistadors to cowboys. Cotton to oil. Slavery to civil rights.  There are thousands  of stories that can be told, and with your help they will be.  Show notes and historical essays will be available as support for the show grows.   

Funds will assist in organization memberships, periodical subscriptions for research, books for research, equipment upgrades to improve the show’s quality and travel for recording at historic sites and research. 

Thank you.