July 17, 2021

This Month in Texas History - July

This Month in Texas History - July

This episode takes us back to events in July in Texas history including the early missions, the reign of Emperor Iturbide, the annexation of Texas, and much more. I apologize for the delay.

As promised, here is a playlist containing songs from Mando Salas' suggested artists. Give Mason and the Gin Line, South Texas Tweek, Seth Jones, Prick and the Sunsets, and Zach Russell a listen. You won't be disappointed. Rosmand's Suggested Artists on Spotify

The song heard at the beginning and end of this episode is "Old Dogs" by the great Mando Salas, THL's spotlight artist.

Mando Salas is a Texas Country musician and a Del Rio, Texas native. Performing under the band name Rosmand, Mando incorporates his roots into his songwriting and he has a great, distinctive voice that conveys a lot of feeling. When he sings about love, you can feel it and when he sings about loss and pain, you feel it.  Mando started his live music career began back in 2015 – and in 2016 he recorded his first single “Devil's River."  In July of 2018 he released a single titled “How It Goes” which was his first song to hit Texas Radio. “How It Goes” is a song that is also featured on his debut album “Forever” which was released August 2018. . And the great news is that Mando is currently working on his second album. I’ll let you know when its available. But for now, go to Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Youtube, or wherever and listen to everything he has released. I guarantee that many of you are going to find a new favorite artist to love. 

Mando Salas is on Twitter under @rosmandtex

Mando Salas' band Rosmand has a great website. To visit click HERE!

Listen to his music on Spotify!


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