Dec. 19, 2021

This Month In Texas History - December Part 2

This Month In Texas History - December Part 2

In this episode we continue our look at several key events in Texas history, including the annexation of Texas, the arrival of the Second United States Cavalry Regiment to Texas, the Battle of Pease River, and more.


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The song played at the break is by Rosmand, Old Dogs. At the end of the show are Zack Welch's Scumbag, Tristyn Sanchez's My Own Hell, Rosmand's Forever, and Jerrod Flusche's Hell Bound in a Hurry.

Mando Salas' band Rosmand has a great website. To visit click HERE!

Also-be sure to listen to Zach Welch's new song Ada! and Seth Jones new release As It Changes!

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