March 14, 2023

Lesson 0-Part 1-The Texas Mystique

Lesson 0-Part 1-The Texas Mystique

What is it that makes Texas special? Is Texas special? What has happened in the land that is Texas to create our present world? In this episode we begin exploring these ideas that make up the Texas mystique.

The goal of Lesson Zero is to serve as an introduction to Texas History Lessons. It’s like the first day of a Texas history class when the professor explains the goals and expectations of the class, except I am not a professor and instead of fitting it all into one class I will be taking my time to go over a lot of information in as much detail as possible.  

The songs at the end are Devils River by Rosmand (Mando Salas), Magenta by Bo Bundy, Enough by Zach Welch, As It Changes by Seth Jones, Free by Jason Harrell, and Prayers to a Lesser God by Payton Matous.

The Texas History Lessons Theme song, Walking Through History, was written and recorded by Derrick McClendon. Twitter: @dmclendonmusic

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