June 14, 2021

Jose Canales and the Texas Rangers Investigation of 1919

Jose Canales and the Texas Rangers Investigation of 1919

In this special episode the hosts of Texas History Lessons and the Wild West Extravaganza switch podcasts for one episode. Each host provided the other with suggested topics. After listening to this, go find Michael investigating Commodore Perry Owens on the Wild West Extravaganza Podcast. Enjoy the show!


The 1919 Ranger Investigation and the Canales Hearing that followed shed light on misconduct and atrocities committed by the Texas Rangers between the years 1910 and 1920. An era known to some as La Mantanza - The Slaughter.

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Excerpt from Big Wonderful Thing: Sediciosos


The Murder of Bazan and Longoria



How ‘The Highwaymen’ Whitewashes Frank Hamer and the Texas Rangers by Monica Munoz Martinez


Photo of Texas Rangers posing with dead Mexicans



Entire Transcript of Canales Hearings


Jose Tomas Canales Grave



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Refusing To Forget lecture by John Moran Gonzalez



The Injustice Never Leaves You lecture by Monica Munoz Martinez



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